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7 Questions That Promote Growth

1. How Can I Be Better?

2. What Are My Best Attributes?

3. What Are My Worst Attributes?

4. Why Do My Clients Come Back?

5. Why Donít My Clients Come Back?

6. How Can I Make More Money?

7. How Can The Experience Be Great?


The answers to these seven simple questions can be all that's holding you back from expanding and growing your business to untold lengths, but the fact is that many business owner refuse to ask themselves these question, answer them truthfully, and make a plan to use these answers as a game plan for success.


Growth is two parts. Most commonly business owners think of growth as expansion and addition of more locations. While this is true and an effective model of growth, many business owners only see external growth as way to expand revenue and make more money.


TEKRA SBC shows business not only how they can grow their business externally, but more importantly, how they can grow their business internally, and expand from within and maximize the profit potential of the individual business location. The advantage to this is more money is made per unit before a large amount of capital is need to expand to multiple locations. In addition, the more profitable each individual unit is the more profitable the whole can be, and thus leads to greater growth of the company.


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